Jember Property Opportunities in the Pandemic Period

Jember Property Opportunities in the Pandemic Period

Activities Ray White Jember on Saturday, May 30, 2020, held a Property Talk with an interesting topic about the Opportunities and Challenges of the Property Business in Jember

We can see investment opportunities from:

  • Property is still a choice that tends to be safer than other investments during a pandemic like this, in Jember there are still many choices we can still buy.

  • Property investment tends to be more resistant to inflation

  • When Physycal Distancing occurs, people cannot travel or take a vacation out of town / country, and this is the right time to divert traveling expenses to property investment.

  • Choose property in the suburbs, because it will be an option to stay away from the crowd, because the pandemic epicenter is in the Big City

So, don't be afraid to invest in Jember for now, there are still plenty of good opportunities in Jember.